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December 2016 – Sound of the Day

As a warm up, every day I search my surroundings to record and design one new object. Depending on my daily work load, I give myself 1 hour as an exercise. Here are just a few of my Sounds of the Day.

May 16, 2016 – Sound of the Day – Beer Bottle

Using a mixture of close micing and stereo ambience with my MKH60/30 MS combo.

May 10, 2016 – Sound of the Day – Styrophone Box

Loved using my noisey ‘Dynamic’ Audio Technica ATM25 to bring out the high end.

May 9, 2016 – Sound of the Day – Clothes Stand

June 2, 2016 – Sound of the Day – Match Box

More than anything I love making little sounds as big as I can, it’s like a microscope. I use my custom made reverse speaker microphone which is harnessed within a milk crate.

Dec 10, 2016 – Sound of the Day – Plastic Bag

Laying textures up with synthesis is a passion of mine, using synths like Iris and Serum.

May 6, 2016 – Sound of the Day – Plastic Jar

May 3, 2016 – Sound of the Day – Salt ‘n Pepper

April 15, 2016 – Sound of the Day – Cardboard Box

August 2016 – On set for Ford, New Zealand fun times!

File_000 (1)

Day 5, on set and so many write my papers awesome locations. This one shares with films including Evil Dead, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Yogi Bear! Always awesome i need help writing an essay when I get a chance to wonder off to record.  So far I’ve recorded 90 tonne tractors, amazing ambiences and taken the ‘ol Ford ranger into a 4WD park to record some tasty off road action.

Recording for Ford Motor Company and PRISM.

June 2016 – Fearing my life!!

Recording the Crocodile Hunter and Ford Ranger

Darwin DanCrocodile 1Ford Ranger

Spent the week following Zoologist and crocodile hunter Adam Ellis up in the Norther Territory Australia. Here as you can see, we wrestled one into our small boat. I feared my life. Apparently they make some cool vocalizations including a sub 20Hz frequency drone that shakes through their body.

January 2015 – Audio implementation Wwise, Fmod – Studies continue

Currently I’m studying part-time and building up my chops in audio implementation at the School of Video Game Audio. I’ll have a showreel together soon to showcase my work using Wwise.  Great to have the time to gain extra skills in implementation and just focus on one area with my mentor Leonard Paul.



Got to fang around and record the new Mustangs at Fords’ secret race track last month.. Only feared for my life 5 times as I clenched my boom mic.  Engine sounds like a paaanther, cabin was disappointingly quiet but hammed it up in post.  I think I might be a car guy now!

Screenshot 2015-04-13 23.29.18


Working on the all new sounds for the popular Insight Timer meditation app.  The client wants to add 20 new sounds to their current 6 high quality bowl sounds and make a world meditation theme.  I have been recording 3 specialist world musicians recording all 5 channels around the room:

Adam Simmons – World woodwind specialist and woolly socks champion

Fujara – Slovakia, Shakuhachi – Japan, Shakuhachi 2.4 – Japan, Shakuhachi 1.8 – Japan, Shakuhachi 1.1 – Japan, Bass flute – Western, Allto Flue, Dzizi – Chinese Flute – China, Wooden Flute – Fred Morgan – Daylesford, English Shawm, Irish tin whistle – Ireland, Xun – China, Bass Clarinet – Europe, Saxophone Alto -Belgium


Steve Davies – Crystal Bowls, Crystal Harp and Didgeridoo

Steve is the only specialist in crystal bowls in Australia.  The bowls are tuned to 5 different chakras and match to blend with the crystal harp.

During these recording sessions I intern produced and recorded Steves’ Album which features the Chrystal Bowls, Harp, Tibetan throat singing and Didgeridoo.  the album will be released very soon along with Steves’ weekly music meditation sessions he holds.


Jeremy Diffy – Handpans, flutes

Jeremy is one of very few Handpan specialists in Australia.  The Handpans are a rare instrument adapted from the Steelpan, Switzerland.  The instrument was created only 5 years ago and already has a 3 year waiting list for orders around the world.  The Handpan works with the main meditation Chakras and is commonly heard in ambient meditative music across the globe.

IMG_0320 IMG_0329

January 2012 – UNDER A KALEIDOSCOPE – Feature Film

A Psychedelic Thriller/Comedy starring Kenji Shimada, Kristen Condon and Aston Elliot.
Written and Directed by Addison Heath.


Working on all of post including Dialogue/ADR/Sound Design/Dubbing Mix.

Dialogue and ADR are the main tasks then I will be moving onto the sound design and other roles.